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The Doctor
- Ever wanted to become a doctor because of the money and prestige that comes with the job? If your answer is yes, please read on to find out more about the pain and anguish a doctor faces at the same time.


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You Have A Chance
- Sweet love story about how love blossoms between a pair of young childhood friends who got reunited when the boy comes back from his studies abroad.



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A Racer's Anniversary
- Do you remember your love anniversary? It may simply be another day in your life but to the racer in the story, it is the most important day ever.



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True Love - Touching story about how an old man understands that true love is neither physical nor romantic but an acceptance of all that is has been, will be and will not be.



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The Mystery Flu
- Visualize this: A contagious and deadly flu has been spreading around the world and only you can help cure it. However you will have to make the greatest sacrifice for the greater good of mankind. Will you do it?


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Love You Dad - What will you do if your son scratches your new car with a stone? A man's rage got the better of him and it led to a life of eternal regret.





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